Two super easy ways to win!

Ah, the goodies.  Adding to the crawl fun are the great prizes you can win.  Donated by our generous sponsors,  prizes include yarn, needles, patterns and more, all stuffed into a limited edition NYC Yarn Crawl logo tote bag.  

There are multiple chances to win an Individual Store Raffle: just sign in at each shop you visit for your shot at one of the prizes.

If you visit enough shops, you can play the annual Scavenger Hunt for a chance at the grand prizes, which include sweater amounts of yarn, special kits, needle sets and more.  Scroll down for more information on how to play.


#1 - Individual Store Raffles

To enter a store raffle, just sign in at the LYS with a valid email.  You can also opt-in to receive updates from the NYC Yarn Crawl at the same time.  (Don't worry, we only send emails with crawl updates, and we never sell your information!)

At the end of the crawl, the stores draw random winners.  During the fall event*, there are three NYC Yarn Crawl prizes at each store - first, second and third.  Check back here post-crawl to see if you won!   

*some stores their own in-store raffles too!


Annie's Knitting and Needlepoint winners: 

1 - Kimberly Wallbank  2 - Cathy Jordan  3 - Laura L (lluu0626@...)

Argyle Yarn Shop winners:

1 - Heather Russell-Loux   2 - Naveen Choudhury   3 - Janice Fryer 

Brooklyn General Store winners: 

1 - Elaine Hartman   2 - Chemeeka Weldon-King  3 - Eurydice R.

Downtown Yarns winners: 

1 - Miko Yu   2 - Rose Walker  3 - Sheilagh Falcigno 

Knitty City winners: 

1 - Shelby Moser   2 - Amanda Lamson   3 - Karin Mcavoy

Lion Brand Yarn Studio winners: 

1 - Winnie Woo  2 - Jenna (lizzy.mitts@...)   3 - Brittany Gerstein 

Purl Soho winners: 

1 -  Amie Feury   2 - Connie Heffner   3 - Nicole Pivirotto

School Products Yarn winners: 

1 - Katrina Ozols   2 - Adonald Carrillo   3 - Kate Terrell

Seaport Yarn winners: 

1 -  Vivian Roston  2 - Michele Filorimo   3 - Nancy Brandwein

String Thing Studio winners: 

1 -  Elizabeth Proitsis  2 - Paula Acer   3 - Mary Carol Moore

String Yarns winners:

1 - Jasmine Remillard   2 - Amy (asammy126@...)  3 - Paul Haesemeyer 

Woolyn winners:

1 - Karen Corbett  2 - Martha Lazar  3 - Denise Grogan 

If your store hasn't reached out yet, they will soon.  Congratulations!


#2 - Scavenger Hunt

It's easy to play!  Here's how:

1.  Visit as many stores as you can (don't forget to sign up for the individual store raffles while you're there!) The more stores you visit, the more chances you have at a grand prize (see below for the breakdown.)

2.  Find the scavenger hunt item hidden somewhere in each store. 

Our mini fluorescent acorns will be nestled in a  jar of real acorns. 

3. Write down the number and name of the store where you found it.  If you're posting, remember not to show the number in your photo :)  

4. Email your list to no later than 5pm pm on Wednesday, October 2nd.  

​5. If you get them all right, your name will be entered into the drawing.  Depending on how many you visit, you could be eligible for all three!


To be entered into all three Grand Prize raffles, visit all 12 stores and correctly identify all 12 jars by matching their number up with the store they're in.  2019 winner:   

Callean Henry

To be entered into the Second and Third Grand Prize raffles, visit at least nine stores and correctly identify 9 or more jars.  2019 winner: 

Lisa Grillo

To be entered into the Third Grand Prize raffle, visit at least six stores and correctly identify 6 or more jars.  2019 winner: 

D Jude Rovira